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Just Jane flying?

I have donated this painting to the Lincolnshire Aviation Centre to help raise funds for the upkeep of Just Jane (Lancaster Bomber). For more details, and to see how this painting could be yours to keep, please see my Painting Diary.

If enough funding could be raised, maybe ‘Just Jane’ could once again take to the skies. Even so, she still needs funding to keep her in her present condition.
I recently donated a 20“x16” original oil on canvas painting of ‘Just Jane’ to the museum for the sole purpose of fund raising.
Tickets will be available at the museum to enter a draw, and the winning ticket will will receive my ‘Just Jane’ painting, for theirs to keep.
For more information please contact the Lincolnshire Aviation Centre, tel 01790 763 207 or visit their website at www.lincsaviation.co.uk

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